We want to give a big shout out to all of our food and beverage truck vendors who support City Park Jazz with their friendly customer service and delicious menus. Thanks for all you do!


cirque kitchen

We inspire to create consistency of experience, but not of taste, striving to keep things evolving for a consistent adventure. We guarantee not a mundane menu, but rather an adventure of taste and amazing, reliable experience, all for a great, affordable price.

In the heart of Denver, CO, we seek to build relationships and keep guests coming back for more adventures on the front range.

Cirque will offer scratch cooking, sustainable sourced ingredients, and seasonably appropriate food, providing guests an unforgettable experience.

Web: cirquekitchen.com
Call: 720-833-8122
Email: CirqueKitchen@gmail.com


The Ethiopian Food Truck is the FIRST and ONLY Ethiopian Food Truck in Colorado serving traditional recipes fresh and quick all over Denver and surrounding areas.
The Health, Savory, and Authentic menu features some of the most popular Ethiopian vegetarian dishes and made to order chicken/beef tips options.

Web: ethiopianfoodtruck.com
Call: 720-504-3635
Email: info@EthiopianFoodTruck.com

beef king

Beef King is a Denver food truck specializing in Chicago Style Italian Beef, and offers plenty of gluten free and vegan options.  We have a dedicated gluten free fryer and proudly serve ALL gluten free desserts.  We offer drop off catering and sell our products by the pound for you to take n make it at home.  Almost any item on our menu and catering menu can be made in gluten free.

Web: beefkingdenver.com
Call: 303-324-4338
Email: thebeefking@hotmail.com


Smokestack 70 began operation in the fall of 2014 though the roots of our smoking in Colorado dates back to 2007. We began competing in the Frisco BBQ Challenge in 2010 and grew each year in both vending and competing. Each year we heard multiple inquiries about our lack of a restaurant or catering business in Colorado. Between this, reading article after article in the Westword and Yelp about the poor Barbecue in the Denver area, and a relentless desire to change the scene of Denver Barbecue, Smokestack 70 hit the road in October, 2014.

Web: smokestack70.com
Call: 720-675-9BBQ



Em's Ice Cream is a certified organic ice cream company and we're based right in Denver.
We make everything from scratch right down to the chocolate chips in our Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. We try to work with local vendors and farmers whenever possible, and 1% of our profits go to the Food Bank of the Rockies.
Em's Ice Cream is made using premium organic milk, organic cream, organic eggs, and organic cane sugar. We do not use any stabilizers, GMO's, or food coloring. Our ice cream is gluten free and batch churned to ensure consistent and superior quality.

Web: emsicecream.com
Call: 617-388-5349
Email: emsicecreamcompany@gmail.com


We are a Juice Truck that offers 100% natural tropical juices as well as Latin food: When you think about being natural.
This is The Real Deal.

Web: trdfoodtruck.com


Dude Bro Taco is bringing you the best in tacos, nachos, and good times! Offering fantastic flavors you won't forget, Dude Bro Taco is serving it up right. For great food with cool attitude, it's got to be Dude Bro Taco!

Web: www.facebook.com/DudeBroTaco/
Call: 443-739-4633


OG Burgers was established in 2010.  Since then, we have become a staple in the Denver Food Truck scene that has blossomed over the years.  Catch us at Civic Center Park on Tuesday or Thursday, following the Denver Cruisers on Wednesday night, or at City Park Jazz on Sunday night. We go all over the mile-high city, so be on the lookout for the big, green burger truck.  

Web: ogburgers.com
Call: 443-739–4633
Email: OGtruck@gmail.com


Steuben's Food Service -- now found in uptown Denver and Arvada, Colorado -- are named after a restaurant in Boston that my Great Uncles, Max and Joe, opened in 1945. The original Steuben's became a famous Boston restaurant, nightclub, and hotspot from the 1940’s to the 1960’s on Boylston Street. The Vienna Room, The Cave, and The Blue Room were all part of the Steuben's space and hosted Big Band, Jazz, and Swing groups with The Rat Pack, Proms and Sweet Sixteens and more. In its prime, Steuben’s was the center of the Boston dining and nightlife scene. 

Web: steubens.com
Call: 303-830-1001

karma food truck

Experience authentic Indian street food, that is healthy and delicious. Karma Food Truck is here to spread the karma around. Thankfully, it's the good kind, and even better for us foodies: it's a food truck that's got the best Indian food around. Here, you're being treated to all the exotic flavors of the east, served a mile high. We're talking about the mile high city, and Karma Food Truck's heating up the streets of Denver with all the spice and seasoning they can muster.

Web: karmafoodtruck.com
Call: 303-3842-7172
Email: info@karmafoodtruck.com


Sunshine Bowls was created by two brothers from Ohio but had started their careers in Southern California.  Ryan, the one you’ll be meeting on the road serving up these delicious bowls is a University of Colorado graduate that came to his senses and moved back to Colorado after an eight year stint in Hermosa Beach and San Francisco.  Meanwhile, Rick the older more wise brother still resides in Southern California.  The idea for Sunshine Bowls was to bring “the sunshine state….gorgeous,” a little beach affect with our bold, beautiful and of course delicious Acai and Pitaya Bowls.

Web: sunshinebowls.com
Call: 424-241-8526

pavy’s sandwiches

The guy behind the food at Pavy's Food Truck is Joe Pavlushik, a classically trained chef originally from Nebraska who has called Denver home for the last 10 years. After working in some of the best kitchens in town, Joe decided to start a food truck to showcase his own recipes and flavor profiles through delicious gourmet sandwiches.

Joe and the rest of the Pavy's Truck team aim to make every dining experience superb with fresh ingredients, made-to-order offerings, and fresh-fried tater tots to order. 

Web: pavystruck.com
Call: 712-251-2169
Email: Joe@PavysTruck.com


Real fruit ice cream concept from New Zealand.

Web: happyconesco.com
Call: 303.513.9360
Email: howdy@happyconesco.com


Ba-Nom-a-Nom is an alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt. It is made from 100% fruit, making it dairy free, gluten free, and vegan. Once you try it, you will agree, it is better than any other frozen treat available! 

Web: whatsonyourspoon.com
Call: 970-682-4666
Email: info@whatsonyourspoon.com

Backyard Sodas.JPG


Mac Shack is a reputable mobile food truck in Denver, CO. When we first entered the food service industry, we were looking to create a high-end menu with a fun feel to it. This was a business our owner started with her kids. She loves to cook and plans to bring luscious comfort food to the local community and surrounding areas. Aside from our highly recommended mac and cheese, we also serve a wide array of other food options ranging from healthy salads to delicious fries. We invite you to stop by our food truck today and be one of our many satisfied customers.

Web: www.themacshack.org
Call: 720-965-1335
Email: mac.shack@yahoo.com

Hunje truck.jpg

hunje food truck

[PRONOUNCED HOON-JAY} We are excited to bring you innovative, smoke infused Asian fusion. Find us at lunch, at your favorite brewery, or hire us for your next wedding or private event!

Web: jstreetfoodtruck.com/hunje-1
Call: 303-324-6996
Email: hunjefoodtruck@gmail.com


original by greeks

In the summer of 2017 we purchased a 1998 FedEx step van. Spending more than 2 months building everything our selves we converted what used to be a delivery vehicle into a fully functioning mobile restaurant. The concept behind this undertaking was to bring the best part of the Greek culinary world to Denver. Serving the Original recipes that you would normally find only traveling to Greece and showcasing what it is truly all bout. 

Web: originaldenver.com


Co-founders Mathew Yamali and David Jagodzinski met a year ago while both were managing a multi-million dollar restaurant, Mathew the chef and David the dining-room manager and sommelier. After working a fifteen-hour shift together, Mathew approached David with the idea of working for themselves and creating the dream schedule. Both savored the thought, but within a few minutes, laughed it off and returned to their seemingly endless closing shift. Little did David realize Matt was serious, and with foodtrucks rising in prominence in the culinary world, it all made sense. Later that week Matt came to David, but this time with something real and the rest is history.

Web: rollitupsushitruck.com
Call: 585-500-7154
Email: rollitupsushitruck@gmail.com

ColoradoPigRig truck.jpg

colorado pig rig

Born into a family of farmers & entrepreneurs, surrounded by their mom's Midwest-style home cooking the Kriz Brothers together formed a dream to run a small business that would honor their love of food, family, and Colorado.

Taking locally sourced produce and steroid & antibiotic-free meat, The Colorado Pig Rig will develop a menu for your event that focuses on seasonally inspired appetizers, creatively crafted street tacos and authentic K.C Style BBQ. With the quality of flavor and service that you get from Colorado Pig Rig Food Truck, you can count on this award winning truck to impress your guests and satisfy their love for delicious food!

Web: coloradopigrig.com
Call: 602-818-3039
Email: trevor@coloradopigrig.com

Baba's truck.jpg

baba’s falafel

Denver's Baba's Falafel food truck offers innovative falafel creations such as their falafel cones and falafeldillas. The falafel cones consist of warm pita wrapped around falafel, lettuce, parsley and served with creamy tahini. The falafeldillas substitute pita bread for tortillas and hummus for cheese, and they include falafel and fresh veggies. Baba's Falafel is the perfect truck for vegans, vegetarians, and of course falafel lovers.

Web: babasfalafel.com
Call: 303-332-1969
Email: babasfalafel@gmail.com


Arepa's house venezuelan food

Arepas are a relatively new dish in our town, so it’s important to explain what is it?

In the basic form, it is the daily bread in Venezuela made of white cornmeal, water and salt, the dough is formed into a patty, grilled, baked, split open and stuffed with a variety of ingredients like a sandwich. It's delicious!

In Arepas House, our best day starts with our customer's smiles. Nothing is more important than the satisfaction of every customer. That's why we try our best, we want all our customers to feel the happiness that characterizes Venezuela through their meals and our services.  

Web: arepashouse.com
Call: 207-317-2281
Email: inbox@ArepasHouse.com



electric dream boutique

Clothing and accessories for those who can't easily be defined! Free spirits. Lovers. Travel junkies. Unique queen bees! Based out of Denver, CO! We strive to find you stylish pieces that are cute, comfortable and don't break the bank! We're full of wanderlust and love!  

Web: electricdreamboutique.com
Call: 207-317-2281
Email: hello@electricdreamboutique.com

EveyK Fashionliner-3.jpg


Evey K Fashionliner is a chic mobile boutique that carries unique fashions, accessories, and gift items. Inside you will feel like you're in a stylish, but inviting chic boutique complete with a private dressing room and personalized service. Come and experience the new way to showcase fashion.
It's the New Way to Shop! 

Web: eveyk.com
Call: 303-907-5800
Email: evelyn@eveyk.com


denver fashion truck

Denver Fashion Truck is a Colorado lifestyle boutique for men and women. We bring to you locally made fashion, art, home goods, and handpicked vintage. 

Web: denverfashiontruck.com
Call: 303-907-5800
Email: info@denverfashiontruck.com


wear love clothing

Wear Love’s dream since day one was to be a mobile boutique and pop up experience. This dream became a reality in May of 2018 when we first opened our doors. The Wagon is run out of a 1965 Dalton trailer who we’ve named “Winona” inspired by our founders Native American grandmother, we try to keep those family ties in our store atmosphere and displays by being “southwestern bohemian chic.”

Web: wearloveclothing.com
Call: 303-907-5800
Email: ashlee@wearloveclothing.com