We want to give a big shout out to all of our food and beverage truck vendors who support City Park Jazz with their friendly customer service and delicious menus. Thanks for all you do!



Breakfast meets Dessert…Falls in love… 
Has Food Truck love child...And R U Cereal® is born! 
At R U Cereal®, we ♥ Denver, and we ♥ YOU!
We take pride in featuring items from local businesses. We use eco-friendly products, and offer a variety of gluten free and vegan options.

Web: rucerealfoodtruck.com
Call: 720-217-3550
Email: info@RUCerealFoodTruck.com


The Ethiopian Food Truck is the FIRST and ONLY Ethiopian Food Truck in Colorado serving traditional recipes fresh and quick all over Denver and surrounding areas.
The Health, Savory, and Authentic menu features some of the most popular Ethiopian vegetarian dishes and made to order chicken/beef tips options.

Web: ethiopianfoodtruck.com
Call: 720-504-3635
Email: info@EthiopianFoodTruck.com


A gourmet food truck born on the beaches of Santa Barbara. California Wrap Runner is proud to bring the freshest flavors of Southern California to Denver, Colorado. We believe in eating well and playing hard, and we’ve heard that Colorado knows how to take the party outdoors. We combine the flavor of SoCal with Colorado’s freshest and local ingredients and bring them to you at the events you enjoy most.

Web: californiawraprunner.com
Call: 805-453-7777
Email: WrapRunner@gmail.com


Smokestack 70 began operation in the fall of 2014 though the roots of our smoking in Colorado dates back to 2007. We began competing in the Frisco BBQ Challenge in 2010 and grew each year in both vending and competing. Each year we heard multiple inquiries about our lack of a restaurant or catering business in Colorado. Between this, reading article after article in the Westword and Yelp about the poor Barbecue in the Denver area, and a relentless desire to change the scene of Denver Barbecue, Smokestack 70 hit the road in October, 2014.

Web: smokestack70.com
Call: 720-675-9BBQ



Em's Ice Cream is a certified organic ice cream company and we're based right in Denver. We make everything from scratch right down to the chocolate chips in our Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. We try to work with local vendors and farmers whenever possible, and 1% of our profits go to the Food Bank of the Rockies.
Em's Ice Cream is made using premium organic milk, organic cream, organic eggs, and organic cane sugar. We do not use any stabilizers, GMO's, or food coloring. Our ice cream is gluten free and batch churned to ensure consistent and superior quality.

Web: emsicecream.com
Call: 617-388-5349
Email: emsicecreamcompany@gmail.com


We are a Juice Truck that offers 100% natural tropical juices as well as Latin food: When you think about being natural. This is The Real Deal.

Web: therealdealtruck.com



North Carolina. South Carolina. Memphis. Kansas City. Texas—It seemed every region had a BBQ style to call their own. So we wondered: what would Colorado-style BBQ be like? Shouldn't it incorporate a traditional Coloradan fave? And we had an idea.
So we swapped BBQ sauce for our homemade green chili—made from one-and-only Hatch green chilis. Then we mixed it with tender pulled pork we smoked low and slow over mesquite and applewood. Slap that deliciousness between two buttery, toasted buns and Colorado-style BBQ—and The Original Sloppy Jon sandwich—was born. 

Web: happycamperbbq.com
Call: 720.588.8430
Email: info@HappyCamperBBQ.com


Dude Bro Taco is bringing you the best in tacos, nachos, and good times! Offering fantastic flavors you won't forget, Dude Bro Taco is serving it up right. For great food with cool attitude, it's got to be Dude Bro Taco!

Web: www.facebook.com/DudeBroTaco/
Call: 443-739-4633


OG Burgers was established in 2010.  Since then, we have become a staple in the Denver Food Truck scene that has blossomed over the years.  Catch us at Civic Center Park on Tuesday or Thursday, following the Denver Cruisers on Wednesday night, or at City Park Jazz on Sunday night. We go all over the mile-high city, so be on the lookout for the big, green burger truck.  

Web: ogburgers.com
Call: 443-739–4633
Email: OGtruck@gmail.com


Steuben's Food Service -- now found in uptown Denver and Arvada, Colorado -- are named after a restaurant in Boston that my Great Uncles, Max and Joe, opened in 1945. The original Steuben's became a famous Boston restaurant, nightclub, and hotspot from the 1940’s to the 1960’s on Boylston Street. The Vienna Room, The Cave, and The Blue Room were all part of the Steuben's space and hosted Big Band, Jazz, and Swing groups with The Rat Pack, Proms and Sweet Sixteens and more. In its prime, Steuben’s was the center of the Boston dining and nightlife scene. 

Web: steubens.com
Call: 303-830-1001


Never has there been a man who loved pizza more. Fat Sully loved ‘za so much, that he set up camp in the epicenter of delicious pizza, New York City. Knowing full well how hard it is to find the perfect slice here in the Mile High City, he has brought his wealth of eating experience to the comforts of Denver, Colorado. So strap in you famished pie lovers, you’ve finally come home. All of Sully’s pies are made with the freshest and finest ingredients, from fresh mozzarella direct from the Wisconsin farm, to our Carmelina tomatos straight off the boat from Italy. We hand toss each pie to order, and we challenge you to find a better slice.

Web: fatsullys.com
Call: 303-393-1515


Denver-based food truck serving up grilled cheese sandwiches such as your "Classic" Meltz with American cheese, 3-Cheese Meltz, Caprese Meltz, and Pepper Meltz.

Web: facebook.com/MobileMeltz
Call: (720) 220-3210
Email: denverjackie@hotmail.com


The inspiration for Street Frites began with a trip to New York City in 2011. Before Denver became home, Jessica lived and worked in Manhattan where she discovered a wonderful little snack shop in the West Village serving Pomme Frites served with a wild array of delicious sauces. While on holiday in 2011, Jessica shared her secret addiction with Jason, trampling through the rain soaked streets of New York City, with a salty, crispy french fry in hand, and it became clear, they NEEDED to bring this goodness to Denver. Over the next 3 years that idea grew legs and became a thriving food truck operating on the streets of Denver. Street Frites Mobile Eatery has now positioned itself a favorite among the Denver Street Food scene.

Web: streetfritesdenver.com
Call: 720-934-4694
Email: streetfritesllc@gmail.com


Real fruit ice cream concept from New Zealand.

Web: happyconesco.com
Call: 303.513.9360
Email: howdy@happyconesco.com


Ba-Nom-a-Nom is an alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt. It is made from 100% fruit, making it dairy free, gluten free, and vegan. Once you try it, you will agree, it is better than any other frozen treat available! 

Web: whatsonyourspoon.com
Call: 970-682-4666
Email: info@whatsonyourspoon.com